Strategy Consulting

Sometimes, having a conversation with the right Marketing Firm can make all the difference.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve shared our advice, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, strategies, etc., that has set our client onto the right path for marketing their business and witnessing significant growth.

That’s what it’s all about!!

For each consulting implementation, the client is assigned a trained DBM Marketing Consultant for the entire engagement.  The consultant will perform duties such as:

– Analyzing your marketing systems and providing recommendations for improvements
– Providing thought leadership and marketing advice
– Marketing strategy assistance
– Campaign development assistance
– Expert advice services
– And other necessary consulting services to improve your ROI…

Our process incorporates:

  1. Creating a Plan – Our marketing consultants will speak with you to discuss your business, your services, your products, and your clientele. After all, it’s YOUR marketing plan, we simply execute it on your behalf. Many times, this plan includes multiple campaigns and directives.
  2. Executing the Campaigns – Our talented staff executes your specific plan. With dozens of services and products already in our repertoire, our experience and history of success will ensure that each campaign launches in a smooth and seamless manner.
  3. Creating an ROI – Your plan has been created and your campaigns have been launched, but our job isn’t done. We work for you, with your goals in mind. So, it’s important for us to take a critical look at the plan we’ve created and how well it has performed. When your goals have been met, we’ve done our job.

If, at the end of our consulting sessions, you would like to employ MF&L for marketing services outlined, the amount you initially invested for consulting will be credited towards the deployment of your marketing campaign.

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