Video Marketing

Video Marketing Why use video promotion in your marketing?

Reaching more customers begins with creating a relationship with your prospects. Video is a guaranteed way to build trust and turn your prospects into clients. Did you know that the average prospect visits a website with a video for 6 minutes and only for 57 seconds when surfing a website without a video? That extra 5 minutes of engagement created with a video can make all the difference for getting your prospects to click on some of your offers. You can also add your video to your emails and many online platforms to draw new prospects to your website.

Web video marketing, or video search engine optimization, is the cutting edge of online advertising today. You will greatly benefit from this tactic and dominate the web in your chosen category and keywords.

Online Video Marketing

Your prospective clients are searching for you. Most people are visual. They’re looking online, and they’re searching for videos. Video is becoming the primary way customers prefer to receive information; 60% of all web searches are now for video, because it’s easy and enjoyable to watch. Your videos can be posted on your personalized YouTube Channel that we will create for you, as well as your website, on your Facebook fanpage and Twitter. We can create these social media online platforms for you as well, if you don’t have them yet, or enhance them with more Traffic. We will also post your video on some of the top online platforms related to your niche where potential customers are looking for your products and services.

video marketing

Video Marketing and Articles, including Submissions to Dozens of Sites and Directories:


Video Marketing uses ongoing short video series which help you and your business get lots of exposure by helping you stand out as an expert in your field. There are usually 10 two minute long videos on FAQ’s and 10 two minute videos on SAQ- should ask questions. Since internet search engines, directories & social media are like big grocery stores. There’s a “sell by” date on almost every piece of information out there. If you’re not delivering something new on a regular basis, you’re going to get knocked off the shelf by someone else who is.

We will coach you on what type of video works best online, then we will create the entire process, including assisting with the script creation, re-purposing your video content into articles, and submitting those videos & articles to a large amount of video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, social networks, blogs, pod-casts as well as listing them in podcast directories. We can get you top search rankings quickly and generate more traffic to your website & lead capture page.

We lead you through each and every step to make this process fun, engaging and well produced.

Powerful Copy-writing

Marketing Funnels And Launches provides powerful content that sells. We research keywords and listen to your message and write scripts that unveil the benefits of your offer, which is what your clients are looking to gain. We create a message that helps generate an emotional impulse for customers to buy. We work with our clients in creating an irresistible offer and a powerful call to action which could be: buying, receive a free offer or registering as a new lead to an opt-in page that we create for you.

Video Producer

Our Marketing Funnels And Launches video producer, Alex Rennie, specializes in creating 1-5 minute video commercials for your business, showcasing the value of your offer to get you the result you want. We create 10 to 30 content videos in the first month of our client’s set up campaign designed to place them as an expert in their niche. This builds tremendous recognition and trust that attracts massive amount of new customers who look up to them for their knowledge. These are simple video scripts that our professional copy-writing team will create with you.

Videos Advertisement

These videos have a different purpose and are often more complex as seen in the samples below (different scenery, voice over, music, etc). They are short videos (30 seconds to 2 minutes) dedicated to promote your products and services.

SAMPLE VIDEOS (click on the links below):

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