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The Basic Online Marketing Funnel: Reach, Engage and Convert


Are you looking for 5 reasons why you need an online marketing funnel?
You do need an online marketing funnel because it’s what can help you grow your business. If you are in a network marketing business then you need to market that business effectively and the best way to do that is through attracting people to what you are doing, and what you can offer them.
When you start driving people to your website through blogging and social media the online marketing funnel begins!

5 Reasons Why You Need an Online Marketing Funnel:

1- Branding 

In order to generate traffic you need to focus on branding yourself, and that is one of the first reasons that you need an online marketing funnel. Branding yourself is critical because you need to set yourself apart from others.
The best way to do this is by having a creative logo created, put up a biography, and by putting up a story that lets people know how this product worked for you and why you chose it. Be real with people and let them know that you support what you are offering.

2- Be Professional, Look Professional

Looking professional is one of the 5 reasons why you need an online marketing funnel.
It helps you to look professional and be professional, and you will never look back once you get names, numbers, and emails rolling in. You need to remember that your website is a part of this, and if it doesn’t look professional, then you are more likely to lose traffic.

3- Leverage is Everything

Do you want leverage?
This is also one of the 5 reasons why you need an online marketing funnel. Smart marketing and appearance give you leverage, because when visitors land on someone else’s website that doesn’t have something real to offer, they will always come back to you.
The real reason this works? You don’t have to babysit your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This is what you need in order to free up your time to generate leads and marketing yourself.

4- Commissions

Of course you should be talking about your commissions because that is what is most important. Without income, what would you do?
Your funnel is working while you sleep, so when you wake up you should always have leads in your inbox. Isn’t this the whole point of a funnel? Yep, you bet!

5- Create Value with Customers

When customers aren’t happy you won’t be happy, that’s just the way it works. When your online marketing funnel works right, these people get served, and even if people think they are being served, that makes them happy. Make sense?
Create the value and keep them happy, and your well will never run dry.
Now that you understand this, aren’t you glad you know the 5 reasons why you need a marketing funnel?

Don’t you think it’s about time you get your own funnel setup if you don’t have one?

Why are lots of people out there don’t have their own marketing funnel set up?

Let me tell you why, the main reason is that people find it difficult to set up their own online marketing funnel especially for someone who lack technical background. Everything sounds and looks foreign to people when it comes to setting up their own funnel online.
The next reason is because online marketing funnel doesn’t get that much attention. A lot of people are more concerned on how to generate leads and how to drive traffic.
However, when you generate large amount of leads everyday doesn’t mean money right away from your list. You have to think what your leads are experiencing after they opted in to your site.
Where do you take them and why?

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