JV Management

Joint Venture Partner Management

So … you put a ton of effort into creating a great product. You’ve had some good sales. BUT … well, to be honest, they could be better, right?

Well, let’s face facts! They ALWAYS COULD BE BETTER. After all, it never hurts to make more money.

OK! What to do?

You could get yourself a bunch of affiliates, right? Sure! Just zip on over to ClickBank. Hey, they’ve got over 100,000 affiliates! Whoopee! You’ll be hauling bags full of cash to your bank in no time … right?

AHEM! Hate to be the one to rain on this parade, but … NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Most affiliates are either lazy or they haven’t got a clue about marketing. You’ll be lucky to get a few misplaced affiliate links showing up on obscure websites.

So, let’s look at a better plan of action.

Did you know that getting just a few JV partners to work with you can QUADRUPLE YOUR SALES? Yep! Stats show that having JV partners on board will pump up your sales an average of 400%!

See … now, you’re getting the big guns behind you. Big guns with big lists. They know how to use those lists. They know how to get you a flurry of sales.

At MF&L we are experienced in attracting and managing Joint Ventures in a way that is efficient and highly profitable. Unfortunately, we can’t take everyone who calls us for this particular service.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for this service.