Here is How to Automate your Posts on Google Plus

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1544318_640882549308888_1676939762_nSomeone asked me a question today regarding Google Plus. One of my client mentioned to him that I’m the “go to” person when it comes to Google Plus and that I’m an expert in social media.
I was flattered to hear this and I want to share this as it may serve some of you who use social media to save a lot of time and headache.

Basically the problem was about pre-scheduling Google Plus Posts both on the Google + Profile & Google + Page simultaneously using a pre-schedule software like:
the issue is that you can only pre-schedule your one Google + profile & not the Google page at the same time

So here was the solution I suggested:
1 – Keep using Hootsuite for all you pre-scheduling posts including for your Google + profile
2- Download Chrome if you don’t already have it as a browser and
3- use the “Do Share” plugin to pre-schedule your Google Plus Page posts.
And that’s it!
Here is the Do Share link


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